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Sunday, March 11th 2007

5:09 PM

A Peek At Squint

Squint took a quiet moment in his office at K-SAW Radio and TV to reflect how things had taken shape for him in Stagbluff, California.

His first films were documentaries, called "School Of The Sea", later expanding to "Safaris With Squint". Next came the comedy series, "Life With Cap'n Squint", then all the feature movies. His biopic, "Life Should Be WIDE Screen", centered on events leading to his settling in Stagbluff.

God, it was all so PERSONAL. Had he revealed too much? Now people KNEW, and couln't UN-KNOW all this. But what was the sense in being expressive if you didn't EXPRESS. After all, wasn't that his assignment in life? Still... Would he do it all again?

"Yeah!" he concluded. Given the same facts, how could it be otherwise? 


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